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5 Essential Habits to Protect Your Oral Health

March 10, 2021

Are you proactively keeping up with the maintenance of your teeth? If you don’t think about your oral health until you are sitting in the dental chair, then it is likely that you are suffering from a dental disease that could have been prevented.

Taking care of your teeth right now is essential if you want to maintain a healthy smile throughout your life! Here are a few important tips that should be integrated into your lifestyle:

1. Cut Back on Sugar

Do you have a sweet tooth or a caffeine addiction? People often have treats in their office and a soda next to the computer to help them make it to the end of a long work day. The problem is that sugar feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay. If you are sipping on soda all day, then each sip is feeding the bad bacteria.

Try cutting back your sugar consumption. Don’t worry if you can’t completely cut out the soda. Try drinking it with meals and then brushing after, instead of sipping on your drink all day long.

2. Brush Twice a Day

Everyone knows that they are supposed to brush their teeth every day, but how many people are consistent with this habit? Make it a point to brush your teeth every morning and again at night before bed. Getting in this habit is one of the best things that you can do for your dental health.

3. Get a New Toothbrush

Did you know that you are supposed to change your toothbrush every six months? Old bristles don’t effectively clean the surface of the teeth. So, if your toothbrush is old, then you are missing out on the full benefits each time you brush. To level-up your dental care, consider investing in an electronic toothbrush, such as a Sonicare.

4. Floss between Your Teeth

Brushing is a great habit because it cleans the surface of your teeth. But, the brush won’t be able to reach into the cracks between your teeth. Daily flossing is essential to prevent gum disease and to protect your overall health and wellness. If you don’t like using regular floss, consider trying another solution such as the dental picks with floss.

5. Schedule Dental Exams Twice a Year

Even if you are consistent with your daily habits, it is important that you visit the dentist on a regular basis. The suggested frequency is twice a year for an exam and cleaning. Your dentist will make recommendations for prevention and treatments that might be needed.

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