Comprehensive Dental Services in Arlington Heights, IL

At Northwest Dental Group, we are working hard to provide top-notch dental services to our patients. Whether you are looking for a routine exam and general dentistry, or you want restorative or cosmetic treatments to change your smile, we are here for you!

As you learn more about the services that are available, you will see that we can care for the dental health of everyone in your family. We want to give you high-quality dental care at a convenient location.

General Dentistry

Dental Services Arlington Heights ILGeneral services are focused on protecting your dental health. We understand that dental health provides the foundation that you need for overall health and wellness. Instead of simply providing basic treatments, our goal is to educate each patient about healthy dental habits.

We prefer to take a proactive approach to protect the quality of your teeth. So, the least invasive treatments will be suggested as needed, based on your individual situation.

Among others, we offer the following general dentistry services:

Restorative Dentistry

If you have missing or damaged teeth, we offer many different treatments that can help to restore your smile! While we prefer to save your natural teeth whenever possible, occasionally more comprehensive dental services are needed to restore your teeth to their ideal functionality and appearance.

We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that is best for your oral health. If you have any questions about which restorative treatment you may need, give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

Some of our restoration options include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

What are the advantages of visiting a cosmetic dentist? While general dentistry helps with dental health, cosmetic treatments focus on the aesthetics of your smile. If you want to improve your appearance, you should consider the benefits of cosmetic services.

The advantage of these dental treatments is that you can choose the appearance of your smile. We will put together a custom plan to create the smile that you have always wanted!

Cosmetic treatments may include:

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Why should you choose Northwest Dental Group? We have worked hard to provide the best dental services in the industry. By staying ahead of the trends and looking for ways to improve your experience, we can provide the top-notch services that your family deserves.

Not only are we proactive with the treatments that are needed, but we offer a comfortable dental office where you can relax in the dental chair. For more information, talk to our team at Northwest Dental Group about the dental services that are available in Arlington Heights, IL.