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Dental Bridges in Arlington Heights, IL Offer an Effective Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Do you have a gap in your mouth where several neighboring teeth are missing? Whether those teeth were damaged in an accident or they were extracted because of decay, you should consider the benefits of cosmetic treatments to restore your smile.

A dental bridge can be used to literally bridge the gap in your teeth. The tooth bridge is connected either to healthy neighboring teeth or dental implants, depending on your situation. If you think this may be the treatment for you, then you should call today to schedule a consultation!

Here at Northwest Dental Group, we offer dental bridges as well as other cosmetic dental services. When you schedule an appointment with our dental office, you will have the opportunity to talk to a dental bridge specialist about the options that are right for your situation.

Why Should You Choose an Implant Bridge?

Dental Bridges Arlington Heights, ILMissing teeth can have a negative impact on your smile. Not only do they leave a gap that shows when you open your mouth, but these empty spaces can also lead to other dental problems. Healthy teeth surrounding the gap might start to move, causing root damage and other issues.

Luckily, modern dental technology has made it possible to fill in the gaps with a long-lasting solution. Dental bridges can be connected to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap, or dental implants can be used to support the bridge. This treatment restores function for daily activities, such as eating, talking, and smiling.

An implant bridge is a great solution if your neighboring teeth are damaged or you need a more stable connector for the bridge. Your dentist will discuss all of the options with you to find the one that will create a smile you love within your budget.

One of the benefits of a bridge is that the treatment is customized to your smile. When there are several teeth missing in the same area, then a single treatment can be used to replace all of those teeth. When we are done with the treatment, you will have a long-lasting solution and confidence in your smile.

Talk to a Tooth Bridge Specialist about these Benefits

After our patients are done with their bridge treatments, they are amazed to see the difference it can make to have a complete smile! Here are some of the benefits that you can expect if you choose this cosmetic dental treatment:

  • Preserve the Jaw Bone: If dental implants are used, then they assimilate into the bone, strengthening an area that often weakens after the original tooth was removed.
  • Improved Chewing Function: How hard is it to chew your food when you don’t have all of your teeth? You will be able to eat normally after the dental bridge is in place.
  • Natural Smile: The dental bridge is designed to match the color and shape of your other teeth. So, you can enjoy a natural smile that improves your confidence.
  • Similar to Original Teeth: Since the dental bridge is secured in place, you have a solid tooth replacement that is built to last. Many people find that their alignment and bite feels as if the original tooth was still in place.

If you need to replace missing teeth, then a dental bridge may be the perfect solution for you. Restore your smile and enjoy all of the benefits of a natural smile with a tooth bridge. Call today for a consultation with our experienced team.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of dental bridges? Schedule an appointment with our team at Northwest Dental Group in Arlington Heights, IL.