Create a Beautiful Smile with Dentures over Implants in Arlington Heights, IL

Have you found that missing teeth result in problems during your daily activities? If there are gaps in your mouth, then you might have a hard time with basic functions such as eating or talking. It is possible to adapt to the things that need to be done, but missing teeth can often be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Additionally, missing teeth could eventually lead to other dental problems later in life. By working with our experienced team at Northwest Dental Group, we can help you avoid these problems and restore the function of your mouth by using dentures over implants.

Skip the Basic Dentures

Dentures Over Implants Arlington Heights, ILWhen someone is missing their teeth, the most common treatment is to use basic dentures. This treatment is the cheapest solution to improve the appearance of your smile. But, there are many problems that you might encounter with dentures. For example, people often find that it is a hassle to have their dentures fall out or move around at inconvenient times.

Even though traditional dentures might be the cheapest solution, you need to consider some of the long-term benefits that are available from other cosmetic treatments. As you learn about implant supported dentures, it is easy to see why this solution might be a better investment.

What are Dentures over Implants?

Similar to basic dentures, implant supported dentures will provide an appliance that is worn in your mouth to replace the missing teeth. The main difference is found in the way the dentures are secured in your mouth. Basic dentures are molded to fit the shape of your gums, but it is common for them to move while in your mouth.

On the other hand, implant-supported dentures are secured in your mouth on dental posts. These dental implants are placed into the jaw bone; then the body strengthens the post by increasing the bone dentistry around the implant. As a result, you have a sturdy place where the denture can be clipped in your mouth. It is easy to remove the dentures again if you need to clean them or take care of regular maintenance.

Benefits of Denture Implants

One of the biggest reasons that you should consider implant-supported dentures is because they offer the natural functions that you desire. When the denture is secured, you can comfortably eat your favorite foods without worrying about problems with your dentures.

At Northwest Dental Group, we want to help you create a beautiful, functional smile. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about the cosmetic treatments that are available in Arlington Heights and Elgin, IL.