An Emergency Dentist in Arlington Heights, IL is One Call Away

A dental emergency not only causes pain, but the damage could have a lasting impact on the appearance of your smile. Whether you are suffering from a toothache or an accident happened that damaged your teeth or gums, it is essential that you schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in Arlington Heights, IL right away.

Why is Prompt Emergency Dental Treatment Needed?

If damage occurs to your teeth or gums, there is often a small window of time when the treatment will be the most effective. Delaying treatment could lead to many other dental problems later in life. So, take a proactive approach and schedule emergency dental visit immediately.

This appointment is the best way that you can protect your smile and save the teeth that have been damaged. Failing to meet with a dentist quickly might result in the loss of your teeth or other lasting problems.

Should You Call an Emergency Dentist?

How do you know if you need emergency dental care? Anytime there is a question about whether you need to see a dentist, it is essential that you call our dental office for more information. We can discuss your symptoms and determine how quickly you need to come in for an exam and treatment.

Here are a few indications that you need to call us for emergency dental care:

  • Damaged gumsEmergency Dentist Arlington Heights, IL
  • Broken, chipped, or cracked tooth
  • A tooth has been knocked out
  • Toothache
  • Broken dental crown
  • Lost tooth filling
  • Any other kind of pain or discomfort in the mouth

Here at Northwest Dental Group, we offer fast and efficient emergency dental care for our patients. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime for the treatments that you need.

Preparing for Your Emergency Appointment

Is there anything that you need to do before coming to our dental office for an emergency appointment? When you call to schedule the appointment, we might provide specific instructions to follow before you come. For example, if a tooth has been knocked out, then you should pick it up by the crown, avoid touching the root and keep it soaking in a cup of milk or water until you can get to our dental office.

If a dental emergency happens, then we encourage you to call our dental office as soon as possible. Our team is here to help! Contact Northwest Dental Group for high-quality dental emergency services in Elgin and Arlington Heights, IL.