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Fluoride Treatment Protects Your Teeth in Arlington Heights, IL

Preventive dental treatments offer one of the best ways that you can protect your dental health and avoid serious problems in the future. Once a tooth has been damaged, there is nothing that can be done to make the tooth regrow or heal. While there are many dental treatments that can be used to restore your teeth using dental fillings and dental crowns, the best solution is to protect the quality of your teeth with regular dental care.

A fluoride treatment is a cheap, effective solution that makes it easy for you to avoid tooth decay and other common problems. When a cavity forms in your tooth, it could potentially lead to invasive dental treatments such as a root canal or a crown. But, these treatments can be avoided by using fluoride regularly.

Typically, we recommend getting a fluoride treatment during your regular checkups and dental cleanings every six months. After your cleaning and exam is finished, we will apply the fluoride protection to your teeth. 

The application of the fluoride strengthens the structure of your tooth while reducing the likelihood that cavities will form in the tooth. Fluoride treatments are great because of the remineralization that occurs. Even if early stages of tooth decay are present, these problems can sometimes be reversed with the use of fluoride.

Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Even though kids lose their baby teeth, it is still important to take good care of them as healthy teeth and gums are essential to overall health. We will apply the fluoride treatment for kids at their regular dental appointments. Fluoride can be applied up to four times per year, so depending on your child’s dental health, we will find the ideal solution for them to prevent or slow dental decay.

While we can always treat dental cavities with a filling, it is best to prevent them from happening in the first place. This is where fluoride treatment can be extremely helpful, for both children and adults.

Fluoride Treatment Dentist Appointments

Fluoride Treatment Arlington Heights, ILMany of the common brands of toothpaste have fluoride, giving you the opportunity to strengthen your teeth every time you brush. Also, some cities and towns choose to add fluoride to the public drinking water to boost overall dental health. But, these small doses of fluoride aren’t always enough to protect your smile.

A high-quality fluoride treatment can be used when you visit the dentist for an exam. Next time you are offered a fluoride treatment, add it onto your dental services so that you can strengthen your teeth before leaving the office.

Previously, a fluoride dental treatment was administered by putting the fluoride in a tray and then having the patient bite down to coat their teeth for two minutes. Now, other types of treatments are available, including a varnish that is painted onto the surface of your teeth. You will need to wait for at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking after the treatment.

If you have weak teeth that are prone to cavities, then your dentist might recommend a prescription toothpaste with higher fluoride content. This paste can be used at home, helping to strengthen your teeth each day.

While home remedies are effective, it’s necessary to add extra protection at your fluoride treatment dentist appointments. We recommend fluoride to everyone, as even the healthiest teeth can use a little extra protection against cavities. 

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of fluoride for your dental health? Contact us at Northwest Dental Group in Arlington Heights, IL to schedule an exam.