Orthodontics Treatment in Arlington Heights, IL

How do you feel when other people notice your crooked teeth? The quality of your smile leaves a lasting impression with the people who you see. If you are embarrassed about your crooked teeth, then you should consider the advantages of our Arlington Heights orthodontics.

This one-time investment will give you a beautiful smile that will last for the rest of your life! Are you a good candidate for an orthodontics treatment? Contact us at Northwest Dental Group to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Braces for Teeth: Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

Orthodontics Arlington Heights, ILGetting braces might sound uncomfortable, but you will only need to wear them for a certain amount of time before you can enjoy a straight, stunning smile. Not only will orthodontics improve the appearance of your teeth, but they also offer functional benefits as well.

As the alignment is fixed, your teeth will fit together in the right way to improve chewing and other daily activities. Proper dental alignment is critical for many aspects of your daily life, and braces can be a great way to improve your alignment.

How Do Braces Work?

A series of metal wires and brackets will be attached to your teeth, gently moving each tooth to reposition your smile. The goal is to create a straight smile and optimal alignment at the same time.

Braces are much better today than they were years ago. Modern technology has transformed the industry so that you don’t have to wear the braces as long as before.

Boost Your Confidence with a Beautiful Smile

Many people agree that the quality of their smile has a direct impact on self-confidence. If you are embarrassed to let people see your teeth, then you will hold back in conversations. After your braces are removed, you will love your appearance and find that your self-confidence is higher than before.

Braces can also be beneficial to solve common dental problems such as TMJ, jaw clenching, gum recession and more. While you are enjoying the aesthetic benefits, you will also find that you feel better overall.

Orthodontics aren’t only for teenagers; there are many adults who are choosing braces to straighten their smile later in life. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your smile, then you need to talk to our team at Northwest Dental Group. We will evaluate your needs and make recommendations based on the cosmetic treatments that are available. Call us today!