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When is it Necessary to Use a Crown Instead of a Filling?

January 11, 2021

A basic filling is a common treatment in a dental office, with many people needing these dental services for decay and other types of damage. After the damaged part of a tooth has been removed, it is important to fill in the space with a strong material that will restore the shape of the tooth and improve the overall appearance.

Unfortunately, there are times when a basic filling isn’t enough to support the structure of the tooth. When a large section is missing, then a crown might be the best treatment to protect the tooth from additional damage.

Why a Dentist Might Recommend a Crown

A basic filling is usually the default when a tooth needs to be repaired. Not only is this treatment affordable, but it also offers long-lasting results to protect your teeth. If a filling won’t be enough to take care of the damage, then your dentist might provide other recommendations.

Even though a crown is more expensive compared to a filling, it might be the last option available to save the tooth. The strength of a crown can support the structure of the natural tooth that remains. Some of the reasons why a dentist might make the recommendation that you choose a crown instead of other treatment options include:

  • Severe damage has happened to the tooth, such as a crack or a piece of the tooth is broken
  • A large amount of decay requires the removal of a significant portion of the tooth
  • Missing teeth are being restored using a bridge, so a crown is placed on the nearby tooth to support the bridge
  • It is necessary to complete a root canal treatment to eliminate an infection deep within the tooth
  • A replacement tooth is needed to place on top of a dental implant post

Every situation is unique, which is why it is important that you always consult with an experienced dentist for personalized recommendations.

Long-Lasting Results from Dental Crowns

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a crown instead of other dental treatments is the long-lasting results that you will receive. A good crown can last more than 10 or 15 years, helping to protect your tooth and create a beautiful smile.

The crown will be customized to fit your tooth with exactness. When the permanent crown has been placed, it will feel just like your natural tooth.

If you have questions about this treatment or other options, we are always here to help. Contact our team at Northwest Dental Group to learn more about the quality dental services that are available for the whole family.